Welcome to Turning Timber
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Welcome to Turning Timber!!

All of our gift items are handmade and turned on a lathe. We use various woods including maple, walnut, zebrawood, mango, colorwoods, oak and many others. In addition to wood, we also create our gifts from multi-coloured acrylics. 

We have created a number of gifts from the staves of upcycled red wine barrels which highlight both the white oak along with the staining from the red wine. 

Some of our products are made with kits using various metal plating’s including chrome, gun metal, gold, silver or stainless steel.

To complement our turned gifts, we have an assortment of special occasion and everyday greeting cards which have also been hand made.

Each turned gift can also be packaged with a custom matched box which would provide for a complete gift giving experience including a card and box along with your selected gift.

Our goal is to simplify and create a positive gift giving experience for our customers.

=================== CUSTOM ORDERS WELCOME =================
If you don’t see just what you are looking for please contact us. We are here to help you. Turning Timber welcomes custom orders and the opportunity to work with you individually!